March 21, 2005

London 2005

average temperature during weekend trip to London:
-67 degrees Fahrenheit

exchange rate of pound to dollars:

best way to avoid buying a beautiful dress that fits perfectly:
-look at the price tag, do the math

beloved eating establishments:
-The Gate
-7th floor of Tate Modern, Thames-side window
-Euston Station croissant kiosk
-Pret A Manger
-Kulu Kulu

junk food:
-Cadbury Creme Egg minis
-Boost bar
-Snow Flake bar
-chocolate Hobnobs
-cheesy Quavers

highest expenditure excluding food:
-Boots blister plasters

gift purchased:
-Paddington Bear from Paddington Station for Sophie

arrival ritual:
-the British Museum

best alternative to Caravaggio if it has sold out at the National Gallery:
-the National Gallery proper

carefully-organized chaos by an artist last seen in the Turner Prize exhibition 5 years ago:
-Tomoko Takahashi at the Serpentine

bask in the sunshine and bursts of spring flowers:
-Magnum bar in Hyde Park

stave off jet lag:
-A Raisin in the Sun at the Lyric Hammersmith

glorious din:
-Bruce Nauman's "Raw Materials" at Tate Modern first thing in the morning

Matthew Barney eat your fucking heart out:
-Joseph Beuys at Tate Modern

neuroses beautifully worked out on canvas:
-August Strindberg at Tate Modern

brillant stream-of-consciousness curation:
-Tacita Dean's "An Aside" at the Camden Arts Centre

new favorite pastime:
-chai latte and a magazine in the back garden of the Camden Arts Centre

best discovery:
-Camden Arts Centre

walk off that caffeine:
-up Arkwright Road to Hampstead

how the woman at the ticket counter will react when you tell her you need to go to Coventry and come back four hours later:
-"This is a very unusual journey."

animals seen out the window of the train:

unexpectedly perfect place to watch the sun set on a gorgeous spring evening:
-Northampton train platform

years since I last set foot on the University of Warwick campus:

the woman who got me to go back:
-Ani DiFranco

how to be an annoying American:
-don't wait until the song is over to cheer and applaud

how to get a cab in London at 1 in the morning:
-stand on curb, wait a minute or two

make a difference:
-march against the war from Speaker's Corner to Trafalgar Square with 100,000 other people

mellow out:
-drinks and conversation at the Intrepid Fox

wallow in don't-wanna-go-home melancholy:
-Francois Ozon's 5x2 and then a long night ramble

personalized film marathon on the flight home:
-Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
-The Motorcycle Diaries
-Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
-Vanity Fair

Posted by nightfall at March 21, 2005 09:46 PM