December 19, 2005

SF 2005

Highlights of a vacation in my own city:
-public transportation
-groundbreaking art by 18th-century Kyoto painters at the Asian Art Museum
-spicy Korean pork sandwich
-cornmeal crust pizza
-Jonathan Richman + John Waters at the Fillmore...together at last!
-leftover pizza for breakfast
-Ruth Bernhard's sexy ladies and still lifes at Scott Nichols
-Lynn Hershman Leeson's female cyborgs at Paule Anglim
-Summer of Love photography and psychedelic posters at the California Historical Society
-Philly roll, tiger roll
-Cornelia Parker's charred wood, suspended from the ceiling at Yerba Buena
-zines unbound and splashed all over the Yerba Buena galleries
-my customary retail therapy in the form of frilly underthings
-kitties in the window
-chocolate chip cookie
-music for artists in the Zine Cafe
-tuna 5 ways, cuttlefish noodles, Japanese egg custard, duck ravioli, churros y chocolate
-elephant ear
-eggs Bennett
-black raspberry ice cream
-political posters from Poland, China, Iran, Germany, the USSR, the a chunk of the Berlin Wall in the Cantor Center at Stanford
-German sausages
-white chocolate mocha
-Sheldon Norberg in Confessions of a Dope Dealer at the Climate Theater
-free jello shots, hey willpower, Von Iva, and holiday spirit at the Independent
-tasty little crackers
-Italian sub on a rainy day
-Lunatique Fantastique's exquisite puppetry in Nutcracker Nutz & Boltz at the Marsh
-lemon tart
-Wangechi Mutu's gorgeous women and dripping wine bottles at SFMOMA
-mint tea
-pad see ew
-world premiere of Lestat at the Curran...oh the gentle harpsichord, oh the fruity singing vampires...but the visual design by Dave McKean was actually mind-bendingly cool, too cool for the primarily bridge-and-tunnel audience methinks

Posted by nightfall at December 19, 2005 07:25 PM