September 17, 2007

San Francisco 2007

-mental soundtrack --> The Chemical Brothers
-sandwiches and potato puffs from Gregoire
-out on the San Francisco Bay on an overcast day
-finally visiting Alcatraz, which I think actually negates my Bay Area citizenship
-up and over the hill back to Market Street on a cable car
-Beard Papa afternoon snack
-watching Brent buy a new nano
-Bangkok Thai with Carol and Dan
-raunch rap and an endless parade of hipsters at the Yo Majesty and Cool Kids show at Mezzanine

-mental soundtrack --> Caribou
-brunch in Santa Cruz at Zachary's on a weekday
-otters, otters, and a great white shark at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
-Richter = sea otter
-Cardiff = river otter
-eating ice cream while watching harbor seals splash in Monterey Bay and sun themselves on rocks
-back to Santa Cruz for a twilight stroll down Pacific Avenue with multiple stops for goodies
-a veritable spectrum of crazy rolls at Mobo
-Marianne's for dessert
-home to Berkeley in time for Tim Gunn with Aimee and Sophie

-mental soundtrack --> Joe Henry
-burgers and curly fries at Barney's
-Tino Sehgal's invisible art at CCA
-Peanuts, political cartoons, and Gorey at the Cartoon Art Museum
-Olafur Eliasson's playful ceiling fan, ice car, and rainbow-entwined mists at SFMOMA
-sweets at Mission Pie
-caffeine at Ritual
-crepes at Ti Couz
-dessert at the Bi-Rite Creamery
-the Erika Shuch Performance Project's beautiful and poignant exploration of one woman's experience of incarceration in 51802 at Intersection for the Arts
-my show 65 at KALX, with special guest DJ Survivor

-mental soundtrack --> They Might Be Giants
-the search for passport photos
-burritos at Cancun
-indie Bay Area arts organizations and local bands conglomerate at SomArts for the Expo for the Artist & Musician
-Dwell magazine devotees and prefab housing fans wander the SF Concourse and Exhibition Center for the Dwell on Design Exhibition
-want a weeHouse!
-refreshing beverages at Cafe Flore
-meeting Judy Tenuta in line for the bathroom
-noodles at Nirvana
-Caroline Rhea, Aisha Tyler, and Sue Murphy make me laugh so hard I almost vomit at a Cobb's Comedy Club 25th anniversary show
-Cinematic Orchestra induce the stoners bob their heads to their white-boy jazz at Bimbo's

-mental soundtrack --> Architecture in Helsinki
-a wallet lost and then found
-Brent successfully sent off to Santa Barbara
-a protein-packed lunch with the parents at Whispers

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