March 17, 2008

Los Angeles 2008

-mental soundtrack ---> Rufus Wainwright
-because who should be on my OAK-BUR flight than Mr. Wainwright himself! suh-woon.
-excuse me, but do I look like the type of woman who should be rented a PT Cruiser?
-fresh limeade at check-in at the Magic Castle
-lobster ravioli in mushroom sauce + Chardonnay
-Milo Martin and his utopian nihilist poetry at Book Soup
-grinning the entire drive back to the hotel after seeing Girls Rock! at the Nuart
-mints (and a weather report) on my pillow

-mental soundtrack ---> Yeasayer
-pastries on the pool patio
-morning stroll along the Venice canals
-baby spinach Caprese salad + Pellegrino
-Jeffrey Vallance's reliquaries and other commemorative objects dedicated to Blinky the Friendly Hen at Track 16 Gallery
-Michael Asher's show at the Santa Monica Museum of Art consisting of the skeletons of walls from 10 years of exhibitions in that space that the visitor is invited to explore and climb through...after signing a waver in case you slice your arm open on an exposed screw or aluminum girder
-evening art walk in downtown that took me from graphic design by Geoff McFetridge and Ed Fella at REDCAT to photographs by Richard Edson at the Center for Digital Art to Walt Hall's collage paintings at the Hive
-pan-seared whitefish on white bean ragout with wild mushroom cream and chardonnay-poached baby spinach + Languedoc
-helping Lori clear her cupboard of pesky snacks

-mental soundtrack ---> Black Mountain
-watching baby chicks hatch, ogling space travel paraphenalia, and avoiding the hell out of Body Worlds 3 at the California Science Center
-egg, spinach, and pumpkin seed tamale smothered in Yucatecan tomato sauce
-3D IMAX prehistoric sea monster porn
-tapioca by the Exposition Park rose garden
-peeking inside the Coliseum and remembering last being there for the 1984 Olympics
-exploring pictures of the "Birdfoot" at the end of the Mississippi River Delta at the Center for Land Use Interpretation
-snorgling Dover and Mochi, the CLUI kitties
-giant prawns grilled with garlic and butter + horchata agua fresca + godly banana empanadas
-Family Nest and The Prefab People, beautiful films by Hungarian director Bela Tarr, at LACMA

-mental soundtrack ---> Panda Bear
-morning stroll along Hollywood Boulevard
-vegetable steamed bun + white chocolate Yan Yan + blackberry Izze
-a joy-filled return to the Getty Villa after an absence of ten years, including a sunlit ramble through the herb garden, the click of my sandals on cool marble gallery floors, and verifying that my Muse Polyhymnia is still where I left her
-an assortment of bruschetta toppings: tomato jam, goat cheese, olive tapenade + Pinot Grigio
-discovering my luck at Buffalo Exchange extends to LA
-salad of organic greens, dried apricots and feta + vegan shepherd's pie
-using the freeway for the first time all weekend, to get to Glendale
-8 different modern dance companies performing work at the Alex Theatre for Celebrate Dance 2008, including a breathtaking piece by Backhausdance set to Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky that I literally never wanted to end

-mental soundtrack ---> Gogol Bordello
-baked-in toasted pecan waffle with frosted pecans, maple syrup and butter + orange juice
-the sad I always feel when I have to leave LA

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